Sunday, October 17, 2010

What exactly is time off?

Warning, I'm typing this "off the cuff." Not internal "checker" is not turned on so take that for what its worth.

I've been thinking lately. What is "time off"? What is a weekend off supposed to be? Is it a day where you have nothing to do? If you spend and entire day off at the park and visiting relatives does that still count as time off?

Those closest to me know that I can be a bit of a prick when it comes to my time off. I want my Sunday off to consist of NOTHING planned. I can literally wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night having had nothing planned to do.

What I'm finding out is that when you have a full day of absolutely nothing planned, it's nice but its not as rewarding as getting out there and socializing at a park or taking a road trip. The human brain needs stimulation and interaction. Too much time alone gets depressing.

That's why I never complain about going to work because while it pays the bills, it also keeps me active and interacting with others out there. If I didn't have that, what would I do?

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